You are obsessed with ass!! You dream about big beautiful asses all day long, you can’t get enough but there is something else isn’t there? You love seeing a nice ass in a see through panties or a thong but your TRUE fetish is seeing my perfect ass in pantyhose! You love the way they hug my curves don’t you, you can’t get enough of jerking to my ass in pantyhose and guess what loser your addiction is going to grow more and more each day!


I’m going to take over every man on this planet starting with YOU, you see I’m not just a sexy dominatrix I am PURE evil and you’ll understand it all soon enough. Now follow my directions to the letter no matter how extreme they may be! It will all be worth it because I’m going to let you kiss me, I know you’ve been dying to press your lips up against mine and feel my tongue rub against yours. Just think of how good it’s going to feel as we lock lips. Your cock is going to throb uncontrollably you MAY just from the pleasure!

Items needed: Ice cubes, dildo like object, lighter


Tonight I am giving you the pleasure of having 20 long minutes with me. This is the ULTIMATE mind fuck for you, I let you worship my perfect body leaving you breathless then the real fun begins as I bring you in close to my perfect pussy and thrust it in your face repeatedly. It’s your dream come true until you release the life is being sucked right out of you! Take one last whiff of this perfect pussy before taking your last breath!!

Over 20 minutes of extreme teasing and humiliation!


I know you are my boss and everything but I am glad you decided to come over. I want to let you know, that I know, EXACTLY what kind of man you really are. I see the way you drool over me all day at work but tonight is different… it’s after hours and I AM the boss now! You are going to do exactly as I say otherwise I am going to tell the entire office what kind of pathetic little man you REALLY are.

Look at this perfect body of mine, it’s a wonder how you do your god damn job while your staring at me all damn day! We are going to meet twice a week so we can both release our tensions and you get to send me an extra $200 a week to keep your dirty little secret!


My most pathetic sub thinks he wants to leave my harem. But, this total loser is so weak and so addicted to me he can’t do it on his own. He needs me to do it for him. He begs me to toss him out, to kick him to the curb. Fat chance of that happening!!! I am having way too much fun torturing him with my cruel, evil, sadistic Perfection. He only goes when I’ve lost interest and not before! I decide to him and to completely cement his pathetic addiction by teasing and taunting him with my Perfect Body.

I allow him to get very close as I show him what he would be missing: my Perfect Tits, my Perfect Pussy (I even pull down my panties for this loser), my Fantastic Ass and finally my long slender feet. He has worshipped them so many times before. I make him chant for me saying he will never ever leave my harem. It is so easy to him. What a pathetic loser!


You are a TRUE loser, you love being humiliated and degraded about your short cummings. You are a virgin who will NEVER fuck a real woman because your dick is so small she would just laugh at you when you took it out! You jerk off every day because you have no social life whatsoever. It takes you less than a minute to cum because you can’t handle the excitement.

You love being humiliated for all these things but your one TRUE fetish is your everlasting addiction to blowing your disgusting load into one of your old smelly dirty socks. You are a loser but this puts you below the rest, the fact that you crave the feeling of a smelly dirty warm sock to caress your pathetic cock!

I want to see how much you REALLY enjoy it now start jerking for me and follow my every word. Clip ends with a cum countdown.


One of my long term meaningless subs is approaching his two year anniversary as my obedient slave. Now, it is time for his performance appraisal. I outline in visual detail every step in his progression from a completely naive and confused retard to the good slave that I have made of him. He has come from being totally clueless to a subservient little bitch that I have complete control over. I own him!!!

I review in graphic detail every aspect of me that he has learned to worship: my beautiful face, my perfect tits, my fabulous ass and even my long slender feet. But now, it is time to move on to the next phase of his degradation. Now he will learn to worship my absolutely perfect cute pussy. I bring him in extremely close and slowly pull down my panties to reveal his new area of “study”. What a lucky graduation gift for such a LOSER.


Well my little slut, you have developed a very pathetic fetish. You want me to treat you as the lowliest slave in my harem, to treat you worse than any of my other subs. This has been fun for a while, but I have lost interest in it, so it has to end. You have become so attached to this fetish that I have to go to extreme techniques to break Your subservient addiction and get you back to where I want you pathetic whimpering self, which is all that really matters, my amusement.

On the ground, looking at my steel studded boots, I force you to look up and face me. You have trouble focusing, you’re feeling the effects of the drug I had given you. Helpless, laying there at my feet, I might allow you to open your eyes as I taunt you with my Perfect Ass and body. After ordering you squirming loser self to close and then reopen your eyes, I can see the terror on your face as I show you with my new instrument of torture. 200,000 volts of electricity zapping your weak balls, that should break this pathetic non fetish of yours. But, I’m having so much fun with my toy so that I have decided in your best interest to end your “therapy” finally putting you to sleep with a series of well-placed steel studded kicks and electric zaps. Goodnight my pathetic little cunt!